Sunday, July 5, 2009

Last weeks Thrift finds.

There were just a few garage sales listed in our local paper to take place this weekend. But we did not go to any of them. It was raining here Saturday morning, so I guess it is a good thing there were not many sales scheduled anyway.

I did go to a few thrift stores during the week.

Nothing is too glamorous but I like everything I found.

6 yards of heavy blue and black toile - $6

assorted brown napkins for Jimmy - he liked them and they should be perfect for law school apartment

really cute vintage fabric - about 2 yards long. It does have a few rust spots that will need to be worked around. But I think the animals are just too funny.

world's cutest skunks

seal and penquin

assorted craft supplies - I've been wanting some styrofoam balls to cover with fabric or ribbon to put in apothecary jars too.
2 more pears for my huge pear collection - I think I have 4 now.

like new Tupperware Fridge Stackable- $1 at Salvation Army, they sell for $17.50 brand new.
This will be great for all the sandwiches we eat in the summer.

For lots more garage sale treasures and thrift shop deals, go to Rhoda's Party.


  1. Love that toile fabric. Let us know what you use it for.
    Don't you just love tupperware? That was a steal!
    Another Rhonda is following you now!!

  2. Both of those fabrics are great. One makes me laugh and the other makes me....romantic!

  3. Good deals. Gotta love a great find.

  4. That blue toile is simply gorgeous, and that vintage fabric is so adorable! I'm wondering what you're going to do with it...

  5. Great finds....I am now hunting for craft items at the thrift store !
    Hugs ~Kammy

  6. Love the toile! Great finds on the craft items too. I love it when I find something I would've purchased new.

  7. Looks like great deals to me!

  8. I love all the fabric you got! What are you going to do with the toile? Just wondering.

  9. Rhonda, you found some good things this week! Way to get out there and thrift & glad you joined the party.

  10. What great fabrics! The vintage one with the animals is just a hoot. What are your plans for it? :-) Sue

  11. Love all the great finds this week cant wait to see what you do with them!
    oh yeah have you tried Whink rust stain remover for the fabrics I use it all the time
    it works great!
    Have fun with your projects!

  12. Rhonda,

    I love the toile and vintage print fabric. A girl can never have too much fabric, can she?


  13. Love all the fabric! I've been dying to get my hands on some Styrofoam...good find!

  14. Wow! What great finds! I of course love that toile but the other fabric is sooo cute! What cute little animals. I love it when I find craft stuff at the thrift! Styrofoam balls are expensive so that was a REALLY good find and you can do so much with them!


  15. Glad you found things for your crafting.
    Love all the fabric...

  16. I love the toile and the styrofoam balls are just wonderful!

  17. Really enjoyed looking through your finds. The blue and black toile is really unique and fun.

    I also love the brown napkins and placemats.

  18. Those are some great finds! Especially the fabric!!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne


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