Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reviving Nonstick cookware - Works for me Wednesday

My biggest skillet that I use most everyday had lost most of its non-stick quality. When I cooked fajitas in it last week, they stuck so bad. I just let the pan soak all night because it was not coming clean at all and I was considering just throwing it away.
But it is an expensive pan and I really did not want to shop for another one.
That next morning, I read on one of Tracey McBride's blog about some different ways to care for non-stick cookware.
Several of the methods involved some type of oil/fat and heating the pans in the oven.
Well, it is so hot here, that I am not turning on my oven. So I just tried the oil part. Actually, I used plain white Crisco shortening. After I scrubbed that skillet clean, I wiped the entire cooking surface with just a dab of Crisco and and a paper towel and just left it to sit.
I cooked scrambled eggs in it on Saturday and they cooked so nice, with almost not sticking at all. The skillet just needed wiped with a wet dishcloth to remove the small portion of eggs that stuck.
So now, everytime I use that skillet, after it is clean, I wipe it with just a tiny bit of Crisco.

Thanks, Tracey, for the tip.

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  1. Egads, Rhonda, throw away that non-stick skillet! I'm sure you can google the information to find out more, but when a non-stick skillet starts to lose its coating, it is very toxic. The non-stick stuff (sorry, don't know the correct "name" for the coating)can flake off and get in your food too.

    In fact, you are better off not using nonstick cookware at all. Your safest bet is to use aluminium or cast iron.

    Hope this helps!

  2. I need to try this because I have two that are about to be replaced!

  3. What a great tip:) Happy Day to you!!


  4. Your Uncle Jarvis would have used lard - Yes, it can still be bought! Evelyn and I always made sure to have a package of lard for our camping/fishing trips. He would not use anything else!!! Your Mom


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