Monday, July 6, 2009

patchwork potholders

8 new potholders
the inspiration potholder on the right, it still looks pretty good even after 2 years of use.

my potholder drawer - cleaned out and neatly stacked - all ready for baking

2 years ago, I found the cutest patchwork potholder for a dime at a garage sale. I've been using this potholder ever since and finally got around to sewing a stack of similar ones.

When I finished sewing the king size quilt in June, it was such a big project and I was tired! I told my mom that the biggest thing I was going to sew from now on is potholders. She told me not to be silly, that I was young and had many more quilts left to sew.
Well, she is right, I already am planning the future quilts I will be starting soon.
But I did enjoy making some simple potholders.


  1. Those are sooo cute! I think this would be a good beginner project for someone like me!


  2. I need some new potholders ;) These are cute!

  3. That's proof you are my daughter - planning future quilts. And the potholders are ado-able!
    Remember who said that word? And you inspired Manuel! Love You, Mom

  4. great potholders! very cool idea....and nicely done too

  5. I love your potholders what a great idea. What did you fill them with.


  6. Oh how cute!!! I am curious what you put on the inside to keep from burning your hands? I am very new at quilting and becoming aware of many different fillers. :o)
    I am having so much fun going through your blog this morning. Have a great day!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  7. Are you interested in making any to sell? I'm sewing challenged but think they are so adorable! Please let me know.

    - Laura


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