Monday, August 24, 2009

Crafty children

My children were around a lot of crafts and do it yourself projects growing up. We had some really lean years after Jeff was discharged from the Marines before he found a decent paying job in our town. The kids say they don't remember ever knowing we were just about poor. They say they thought we were the same as Martha Stewart because we were always making something or fixing something or cooking something,
just like Martha.
not really,
but I am glad they have good memories.........
Here are some of their recent crafty projects.
Nina bought this set of hot pink bathtowels in the back to school section at Walmart. She also got a spool of black and white polka-dot ribbon there. We sewed the trim on the towels and she will put these in their guest room.
I don't think the picture really shows how "stinking cute" these towels really are. That is Nina's adjective, not mine.
If you want to make some too, the towel sets are about $9 and one spool of 9 feet of ribbon is just exactly the right amount for these towels.
You can't really see Nina's shirt in the above picture so I made her pose again. Her brother Bobby does these T-shirts and sells them when his wife is singing with their rock band "Siva"

I think the shirts are very cool.
Bobby used some stencils and some kind of bleaching product for the design.


  1. Too bad she's been so busy she hasn't been posting on her blog, but the towels are pretty "stinkin cute" as it were. :)

  2. I really love the towels and the shirt. I want to make some of the towels. They would make great gifts. My dd has moved into a new home and these would be cute in what ever colors she would like.

  3. Very nice...and Nina is stinkin' cute, herself! :)

  4. Talented, creative kids - take after their mama!



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