Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Birthday Month

I read once that June is the most common month for birthdays and it is sure true in our family. My brother Rex is a June baby. Jimmy and Nina are June babies. All 3 of my in-law children are June babies too. Some years, we have had one big June birthday dinner for all the kids, but celebrations were spread out this year.

This banner was for Jimmy and I put it on his door on his actual birthday. I made it with 2 circle punches, letter stamps, a piece of ribbon and glue. He took a trip to Portland earlier in the month and requested his birthday cash early so he could it for traveling.

John and Amanda have the last 2 June Birthdays and these were their gifts, wrapped and ready to go.

John also wanted "birthday dinner" and requested Mexican with homemade tortillas and Nina asked for blackberry cobbler. Nina and I did the tortillas together - I made the dough, she rolled them out and I cooked them on the griddle. We had beef taco filling with the traditional toppings and a Mexican chicken casserole.

Jeff made up a scavenger hunt for John's gift, and John seemed to really enjoy searching all over our house for the clues.

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  1. This is another thing we have in common, we have two daughters with June birthdays and one hubby with a June birthday. I put the Happy Birthday banner up for the whole month. Yikes, I need to take it down. We don't have another birthday until august!


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