Monday, June 30, 2008

New hand towels for the bathrooms

Both of the bathrooms needed new hand towels. I like white towels because I can wash them in hot water with bleach to disinfect them but they don't change color.
I found packages of hand towels at Big Lots, just $5 for a package of 5. For the hall bathroom, I sewed polka dot ribbon on them - it matches the shower curtain in that bathroom.
I used fabric scraps for the master bath room, scraps left from the rugs I made last month.

I decorated all 10 towels - 4 for the hall bath and 6 for the master bath.


  1. Very cute idea!

  2. How pretty! You are always doing something crafty and useful!! Thanks for sharing Rhonda!!!

  3. Love these towels Rhonda! What a great way to use more fabric again. I have been wanting to make stitched towels but really like this idea too. Uses that stash! I used some stash to make slipcovers for clothes hangers. It uses about half a yard for two and they are so sweet. I am going to make some more now as I have hangers over from the quilt evening. We just did these as a project for Christmas in July.

    Hugs ~

  4. These are gorgeous! I can already predict that my attempt at doing something similar will not turn out as well. Nevertheless, I love the idea and will be giving it a good try.

  5. So pretty! Did you just turn under a small hem and sew them on? I'd like to do some some time!

  6. Debbie,
    on the ribbon ones, just the ends need folded under.
    The fabric strips, I pressed under the edges, about 1/4 or inches and then just machine stitched them in place.

    Thank you all for the compliments!

  7. Hi Rhonda,
    Have you ever thought of selling these? I think people would enjoy having embellished towels.

    I sure need to learn how to sew!

  8. Lyn, thanks so much for your interest but no, Ihave never considered selling them. I will think it about it though.

    These towels were very, very simple. Esp. the ribbon ones, it would require very little sewing ability at all. If you have access to a machine, you should try!


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