Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Patchwork Bathroom Rugs

Rug for the tub
rug for the shower
white terry cloth on the back
We need new bath mats in our master bathroom. I bought our current ones in 2002 when we moved in to this house. They are starting to look worn and I am tired of them.
I saw 2 different bloggers show patchwork bath mats they had made and I really liked the idea.

One is April at Making Ends Meet and the other is Meg at Montesorri By Hand

I used 5 inches squares and sewed everything with a half inch seam allowance. The brown, green and orange squares are all from fabric I had on hand. I used white terry cloth on the back - actually just 2 still good bath towels with ripped edges.
First I made the patchwork tops. Then I attached them the terry cloth by sewing all around. Then I sewed close all around the edge and sort of machine-quilted them by sewing lengthwise in the middle of each row.
My rugs are about 20 x 28 inch finished size.


  1. Oh, I like this idea! As soon as I can get my sewing machine repaired, I want to make one for my bathroom.

  2. I make quilts and I LOVE those.


  3. Oh my gosh Rhonda! This is such a cute idea. I need a new bath mat as my current rug is starting to fall apart. The rug has been washed too much now. I will make one of these and link it to your blog for sharing such a GREAT idea!

    Hugs ~

  4. These turned out beautifully!

  5. how very cute! What an inspiration you are to me!! Susan

  6. I love the idea but I'm terrible at sewing! I always get my rugs from http://www.elegantlinenspc.com/Luxury-Bath-Rugs.htm The Habidecor rugs are the best! They're so plush, I love them! But for a bath mat maybe I'll try my own version...gotta find a way not to sew...hot glue gun? =D


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