Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blog award from Debbie

I am so happy to tell you all that Debbie at Homemaking Dreams gave me a blog award. She is also one of my favorite bloggers and a kindred spirit.
Thank you, Debbie!
Head over to her blog and see all the neat things she does and read her great ideas.
She also has a giveaway going on right now for a really cute clothespin bag to celebrate her 1 year blog anniversary.
As part of accepting the award I am supposed to award it to more bloggers. There are so many excellent blogs out there, but here are 11 I enjoy.
1. Debbie (of course)
2. Terri at PennyAnn Poundwise
3. Mercedes at Money Common Sense
7. Tammy at Play for a Moment
9. NeeCee at My Life
11.Dawn's brand new blog A Home in the Country Dawn is a friend of mine from a Yahoogroup and she just started this one.
update - Maisie, my friend in the UK also gave me this award. She has several great blogs Thanks Maisie!


  1. Thank you Rhonda! This just made my day!!! Susan in SC

  2. Rhonda, I have also given you an award

  3. HI Rhonda!
    Thank you so much. I wnt to let you know that this put a smile on my face today and I really needed it.
    Thank you,

  4. They are out of everything at Walgreens in Stillwater. They said that they could give me a raincheck but I couldnt have one on RR. So, I think I will drive by tonight (Thurs.) and see if they restocked the shelves. If they havent I am going to walgreens in guthrie. :( I will let you know though.


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