Monday, May 5, 2008

A year of savings - the pantry

I think every house should have a pantry. There a quite few new homes being built in our neighborhood and I am happy that they all have pantries. ( Theo and I walk through them when the construction workers are gone for the day)
Jeff and I have lived in 13 homes and all but 5 of them had pantries.
Our current home has 2 pantries!

I have always tried to keep our pantry stocked. With grocery prices going up so fast, a pantry can almost be like the stock market - buy low, use it when it is high.
The rice shortage stories are making me think and I don't really expect food shortages in the U.S.A. but I am afraid that most all grocery prices will just continue to climb.
I have stocked up more than usual on flour, oil and rice - all items that we use frequently, have a long shelf life and have gone up significantly.
This in the second pantry and is right across from the bigger pantry at the kitchen entrance. It was more like a big broom closet when we moved in with just one shelf at the top. I wanted to use it for storage so Jeff and his dad built some shelves in.
Now it is home for my cookbooks, small appliances, cleaning supplies and some junk.
My parents house does not have a pantry but my mom has turned a closet in their utility room into one with some organizing units.
Tracy had a very cute wall-papered pantry in her former house.
Don't be discouraged if you don't have a pantry, just be creative.
Manuela has the cutest pantry ever in an unused shower!


  1. I love seeing pantries. I have shelves in a spare bedroom that acts as my pantry. A walk-in pantry is one of my must haves for a new house.

  2. Rhonda, the pantry is the one thing I do miss from my old house as it was walk in and also housed my fridge and freezer, as well as having cupboards for all my baking tins and casserole dishes etc.

    Now I have a unused wardrobe out in the shed which I store overflow tins and packets and bottles, and have a smaller number in one of my kitchen cupboards.

  3. Hi Rhonda,
    How neat. I love looking at pantries. Thanks fro sharing,


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