Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wal-mart deal worth mentioning

Farmland frequently has high value coupons. There has been lots of talk about using their $2 bacon coupon at Wal-mart as the sell Farmland bacon for $2.50 a pound.
I have bought plenty of that 50 cents a package bacon but I like the ham deal even better.
Wal-mart sells Farmland Special Select Ham for $2.88 a pound package. It comes in the thick slices or the thinner slices for sandwiches. Use a $2 coupon and get it for just 88 cents a pound. It is lean too, a ham steak is 70 calories, 20 of those from fat. The sandwich slices are 35 calories, 10 from fat.
I had a few coupons from our regular paper but I ordered 20 more on Ebay for $1.94.

This ham is not stocked with the regular lunch meats. It is in a bunker cooler with all the big hams.

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  1. Hi

    I was wondering where you found the coupon you used?


  2. Stephanie, Most weeks our Sunday newspaper had several coupon supplements in it and I first found the coupon there.

    I'm sorry that I don't remember the exact date of it. It does seem to come out every few months though.

  3. Hello! Thanks for stopping by Thriftiness Becomes Us. I really like your blog and am going to add you to my blog roll!

    Have a great day. :)


  4. Smart idea, thank you! I really enjoy your blog and love all your thrifty ideas.


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