Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fun Purchases at Dollar Tree

Jeff and I did a few errands this morning.
We went to Food Pyramid and bought some meat on sale.
Then we stopped at Walgreens and I used coupons combined with their B1G1F sale and got 4 Suavitel fabric softeners and 2 Purex laundry detergent for $8.31.
Our last and most fun stop was at Dollar Tree. I spent $7.61 (we have crazy-high sales tax here)
1. a magnetic shopping list pad for the fridge
2. set of 3 mini silicone spatulas
3. large silicone spatula
4. set of 3 scrubbers
5. very yummy Chinese Almond Cookies
6. straw hat with brown polka dot ribbon trim - this one is really cute! I wear a hat or sun visor whenever I am outside for any length of time so I expect to use this one a lot.
7. Hard back book "Confessions of a Super Mom"


  1. I love Dollar Tree and Dollar General! Your purchases are great. Can you believe getting a hat like that for $1.00?!!! Sometimes I find real treasures, at least they are to me, there.

  2. I'm so wanting to go to Dollar Tree right now but my pantry is bulging from my trip to the Salvage Grocery yesterday. Love the memo pad and the almond cookies.

  3. Well I never - daughter wearing a straw hat - when you used to poke fun at mine!


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