Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wondering about your Stimulas money?

According the IRS schedule, I thought our Stimulus money should of been direct deposited last week. The direst deposit has never shown up so I did some investigating on the IRS site as well as several message boards.
Apparently if you did a traditional paper return or if you filed with a tax service like TurboTax or HRBlock and paid the fees with a credit card, you will get your stimulus money on the first schedule as a direct deposit.
But if you used electronic filing through a tax service or software, and had the filing fees deducted from your refund, you will be getting a paper check on the second schedule. The paper check also applies to people who got rapid refunds through a tax service.

The IRS site does not spell this out but people who have spent 1/2 an hour on hold to talk to an IRS person on the phone have been told this.

IRS Questions and Answers


  1. Yep, we found that out too. There is a little blurb on the IRS site but I don't remember seeing it initially. I thought it was due to TurboTax but I see now it says the fee thingy. Wonder how they came up with these rules???


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