Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Year of Savings - new top for me

I used to sew most all of my clothes, dresses for Nina, shorts for my sons and pajamas for everyone. I still sew but I stopped making clothes several years ago. I really like sewing so I recently made my home-sewn top in years.
Hobby Lobby had patterns on sale a few weeks ago for 99 cents and I got 3 top patterns and 1 apron patterns. This fabric is from Wal-mart and as $2 a yard. This pattern only used 1.5 yards. This top did not photograph so well but is loose fitting and I will wear it over a brown tank top, probably with khaki capris.
About Wal-marts and fabric, there are 2 super walmarts in my town. The oldest one sells fabric and they have a nice, well stocked fabric department. The newer one just has a strange and very small craft department. I am glad the one with fabric still sells fabric and is also the one most convenient for me.

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  1. Your new top and the khaki capris will make a really cute outfit. I have a similar outfit from last year that I wear a brown tank top under. I want to make clothes for myself. I would like to find a standard skirt and pants pattern with elastic waist that look good on me. The summer is such a good time to just pull on the skirt or pants and go!


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