Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

We are flying our flags today to honor all Veterans and currently serving military members.
My husband was a Marine and served during the first Gulf War.
My Dad was a Sailor during the Korean War.
His brother, my uncle Bob, was also in the Navy.
On my mother's side, 4 of my uncles all served during WW II and all came home alive.
Uncle Jarvis was a Marine and fought through Europe and the Pacific.
Uncle Jr. was a pilot.
Uncle Rex served in the Navy and spent several days in shark-infested waters after his ship was sunk.
Uncle Cecil was a Sailor and lost his leg in an accident.
All of my uncles came home and lived very remarkable lives.
I love all these Veterans and am so proud of them for their sacrifices.

Our Flag
There are many flags in many lands,
There are flags of every hue;
But there is no flag, however grand,
Like our own Red, White, and Blue.
~Mary Howliston~

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