Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Nina!

Nina will turn 24 this week, happy birthday Baby Girl! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a very special year.
A year or so ago she gave me a A Mother's Memories To Her Child by Thomas Kinkade book. It is a fill-in the blanks book about my memories growing up and being a mother. I started right to work on it and got about 10 pages done, but it takes a lot of thinking and writing to fill up this book and with all our activities, the book just did not get finished.
I decided at the first of June that I wanted to finish it and give it to Nina with her birthday gifts. And this project pretty much kept my free time occupied.
However, I did write my part in the book my way. Some of the questions I did not like or did not have answers for, so I covered up some of the questions with pictures and added my own memories of what I wanted to tell Nina.
We took her birthday gifts to her this evening and she was very happy with them, especially this book.
She also gave these fill-in books to her daddy and grandparents. Jeff got his out when we got home and is just starting it, so maybe Nina, on your 25th birthday, you will get another one.
These books are 102 pages long so it may be even longer than that though.

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  1. Happy birthday Nina!! I want to see your birthday gifts.


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