Saturday, June 7, 2008

weekend doings

Our part of town had a number of garage sales this morning. We looked at a few residential sales but they did not have anything we wanted. So we headed to the one at a nearby church that had a big, well-organized sale. We spent about $25 and here are a few of the treasures.
bright kitchen towels 25 cents each
oversized Santa mugs 25 cents each
small Glasbake casserole $1
Big hammers - $5 each, Jeff got 2 of these. They had a box full of them and he said $5 is a bargain for brand new big hammer.

dark red printed soft cordoroy fabric, it is rolled up and I have not measured it but it is a lot of yards - I guess at least 10 yards $5
Jeff smoked a turkey and 4 pork loins. They are sliced and frozen in meal sized containers. We ate some for lunch and it is all really good. This is a real convenience food for us.
When we moved into this house with its whit-ish carpet, we wanted to buy a carpet cleaner. At that time, I researched them on Amazon but they mostly had lousy ratings and recommendations. We have since hired a company to clean our carpets, he does a great job but is expensive and occupies the house the a good part of the day.

We have also rented Rug Doctors a few times and they do a good job too. But you have to get done and return them within 24 hours.

But I still wanted our own machine so I could clean whenever I wanted. I found this Hoover Steam -Vac on Amazon last month and it had great ratings. The price seemed fair and I ordered. Jeff cleaned the back hall last night and it did a really good job. It does have a smaller tank than a Rug Doctor. But it will be very convenient to just use it whenever we want.


  1. How about coming to SC and doing my carpets?!! pleeeease!!!!

  2. What great finds and I would love to have some of that food in my freezer!


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