Thursday, June 12, 2008

Produce tips

We are very fond of cantaloupe. This one was especially good and sweet.
Cantaloupes are kind of tricky, I never cut them when I first buy them. I let them sit on the counter for a few days and when the skin just barely starts to wrinkle, I put them in the fridge or cut them.
When I wait for them like this, they are always ripe and sweet.
Our supper tonight was taco salad, homemade baked corn tortilla chips and this cantaloupe for dessert.

I guess I did not watch the news much last week and was shocked when I went shopping last Friday but could not buy tomatoes. Apparently now, I think they are only banning California and Florida tomatoes. Food Pyramid had these beautiful Arkansas tomatoes today. Aren't they pretty?

They also had red bell peppers for 65 cents. Yes, it is as big for real as it looks in the picture.

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  1. I always wondered how to have sweet cantaloupe! Thanks for sharing your tip! Susan


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