Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Interesting sale idea

Food Pyramid has a nice website and they post their new weekly ad every Wednesday morning. I just checked it to see if they have any specials we need.
On their front page and third page, they have coupons for Buy 1 Get 1 Free. At most stores, they run this special on 2 like items.
Food Pyramid is promoting their house brand, Best Choice, and have different twist on B1G1F. When you buy a name brand item, you can get the same thing in Best Choice brand free. This is a great idea if you a brand-name shopper but you want to try out the lower cost items but are unsure if your family will like them.
Some of the deals are buy one can of Libbys vegetables and get one can of Best Choice vegetables free, buy one Jimmy Dean Sausage and get Best Choice free, buy Sargento cheese and get Best Choice free.

KFOR, the NBC station in Oklahoma City did a feature story about generics versus name brands. They compared soda, milk, cereal, cheese slices, peanut butter and graham crackers. Third graders did the taste tests. The results surprised the children. They liked the name brand soda, peanut butter and graham crackers the best, the cheese was a tie and they like the generic cereal and milk the best.
The 6 name brand items sold for $22.11 while the generics were $17.16.

I have frequently bought store brand items and most of them, we think most of them are just as good as the brand name items.


  1. That is a really good idea for a sale. Especially in today's economy. I will often try generic brands but I have found that some things (like JIF Peanut Butter) I cannot enjoy in generic forms. Maybe this sale idea will catch on in other areas, I'd definitely try out more of the generic stuff if it was free.

  2. There are a few generic items that I like better than the name brand. Wal-Mart's brand of salsa is better than name brands. I am willing to try a generic at least once.


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