Friday, October 10, 2008

Chickens - Show and Tell Friday

Show and Tell

I have been re-doing our dining room, using mostly black and white, and also trying to use things we already had. I bought this corner shelf from Hobby Lobby and painted it black. The curtains were mostly made from fabric and supplies we already had too.

The picture above got me on the chicken idea. I got 2 framed prints at a church rummage sale, they were very nice quality but were silver and floral, very 1980's decor. So I found that French Country looking scrapbook paper in my craft room, covered the mats with one print and covered the center part with more paper with roosters on it. The frames were painted black.

So since I now had these 2 new chicken art pieces, I remembered I had some little glass chickens.
2 of them belonged to my grandmothers. 1 of them was a gift from son Jimmy.
I remembered this handmade wooden chicken bowl, a gift from my brother, Bert.

The bowl was handmade in Dequeen, Arkansas. It is all wood with chickens hand-drawn around the rim.
I had no idea I already had a chicken collection!


  1. Very cute chicken collection! I enjoyed looking at your blog and you weekly savings record is amazing! Stop in an visit me sometime:)


  2. Don't you love when you find just what you are looking for, AT home? Lovely collection and display!

  3. Very creative! I love to see how others decorate using things they already have.

  4. Isn't it amazing what we have when we look! That looks really cute!


  5. It is really looking so nice! Love how you are displaying the chickens.

  6. I really like it and what you've done.

  7. Your dining room is looking so cute! Love those pictures! I have also been trying to look around my house and use things I already have. It keeps me out of the stores!

  8. Everything is coming together so well! I love the pictures!

  9. very clever use of items on hand. I love the black and white, too.....

  10. love the chickens, my kitchen is full of them and my back yard has the real ones, that keep coming to the french door peckin.

  11. Hey that was a fun post!
    I have no idea how I have missed your blog all this time, glad I found it now!


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