Thursday, October 9, 2008

Showing off my curves

Our home has 5 windows with curves of different types at the tops of them. The previous homeowners left their curtain rods all installed and they were installed covering up the top curves. I just used their rods where they put them. Privacy with any of these windows is not really an issue and since I am in trying to "cute-ify" parts of my home, showing off those window curves is at the top of my list.

Dining room window

Dining room window

Most of this window covering was made from things I already had. The toile valance on top was previously used in a bedroom. I made the bottom leaf toile part from some fabric I got from my mom.
The ball trim was from a $1 a bag rummage sale and was avocado green, I thought it was 100% cotton so I dyed it with a box of Rit black dye and was very pleased with the results.
I only bought the off white muslin to line the long panels with and the dye to complete this project.
Because this window is right beside our front door, I think they needed to be lined so they don't look weird from the outside.

I've been busy this week working on other projects in this dining room and the living room - I will share them soon!


  1. That looks so much better! Show off them curves!

  2. Sa-say momma! :) I love your new curtains. looks great!

  3. I love the before and the after picture!!! But the after definitely shows the beauty of the window better! Good Job Rhonda.

  4. I love the window! I also love your idea of dyeing the trim! It looks great!


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