Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cosmetic bags for Nina - sort of

This post could also be named "like mother, like daughter" as I carry a big purse with little bags inside it.

Nina has always carried small purses or just used her pockets, but she recently bought a big bag and says it is hard to find things in. But since she recently bought a big bag because she needs to have her stuff with her, she wants some little bags to organize her little stuff inside her big bag.

She asked me sew some cosmetic bags for her. Above is my first attempt at a free-style bag. I did not use a pattern or tutorial. It is "OK" but not great.

So when I went to work this morning, I did a search for "cosmetic bag tutorial" and "make up bag tutorial" I found so many great tutorials and printed several of them on the super-duper office printer. (at my job, I have lots of down time and can use the internet and printer as much as I want with my managers blessing)
So Nina, I will be trying out some of these tutorials very soon. I know you want to be organized, just like me!

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