Thursday, October 23, 2008

Update on Fabric Softeners

A couple of friends left comments wondering if the homemade fabric softener would leave stains.
So I've been doing some research on fabric softener and hair conditioner.

First, I will say I am very particular about how I do laundry. I think washing clothes carefully makes them look nice longer and last longer. So I would never put something on my laundry that I thought would harm them.
I have only been using the homemade fabric softener a few days but my friend Julie has been using it a few months. Neither of us have had any problems with damage to clothes.

I am very happy with the light fragrance it leaves and the level of softness it leaves.

However, after looking up commercial fabric softeners, I don't think I will ever use them again.
The regular ones are made from lots of animal products and I sure don't want animal products in my fabric. The ones that are from the health food store or marketed as "green" are made from plant products.
Read for your self about fabric softeners.

The ingredients in hair conditioners are not so scary and they are not usually made from animal products. If you are worried about oil in them getting on your laundry, just don't use one that says it moisturizes.
I have used lots of different hair conditioners. Nina and I both have thin, fine hair that tangles and gets static electricity. I have never thought any hair conditioner seemed oily except for some Garnier Nutrisse I bought several years ago.

I will continue to use regular hair conditioner but I don't ever plan on using traditional grocery store fabric softeners again.


  1. OOOOO--I am going to have try this--it sounds awesome.

    p.s. I have very fine hair too:)


  2. Thank you for responding. I was wondering if it would be safe for my clothes. I love the pictures you post on your site!

  3. You know.. I didn't know that animal by-products were in laundry products.
    One more reason to make my own.

  4. Is this ok to use is HE Washers?

  5. to anonymous - I have no experience at all with HE machines. we just have the tradtional washer and dryer and the fabric soft. works fine for us.

    So please your own best judgement before using it in an expensive HE machine. Maybe you could call the manufacturers info line and see what they think.


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