Monday, March 30, 2009

Easter Decorations 2009

I have been Easter decorating for years and have 2 storage tubs full of Easter things. So believe it or not, none of this stuff was bought this year, just arranged differently than last year.
I saw on Martha's TV set all the baskets in the background of eggs, sorted by color. I think hers look great so I sorted mine too. I was really surprised I had so many plastic eggs.
My kids have been too old to hunt eggs for a long time.
The apothecary jars are new this year, both were anniversary gifts from my husband.

The living room mantle

My version of Jen's Egg Hunt sign - I repainted an old sign with black paint and added letters I cut with a Cricut. Thanks Jen, for the inspiration!

outside by the front door

in the entry way
light fixture over formal dining table, my mom crocheted the Victorian egg covers.

More Victorian egg covers by my mom

The shelf over the TV

I like the way it all looks but when my dd Nina comes over, she will probably say something like it looks like the Easter Bunny threw up all over everything.


  1. GREAT sign, why didn't I think of using my cricut?? That would have been way faster!! Good job!!

  2. I love the cheeriness of it with all the pretty pastel colors. I also appreciate the simplicity of it too. I humbly admit I am very very basic when it comes to decorating. :)

  3. Its all very cute Rhonda. My favorites are the victorian egg covers and the sign.

    Happy Easter to you!

    Debbie J.

  4. Too funny re. what Nina would say, lol! I think everything looks great. In the last picture, I see some little brown bunnies. Are they vintage?

  5. Melanie,
    the 3 brown bunnies on the tv shelf, the 3 ceramic chicks by the yellow eggs and the 3 tumbling bunnies on the entry table were all made by a neighbor of my parents. She made them for Bobby, Jimmy and Nina when they were little, more than 20 years ago, so I guess by now, they are vintage!
    boy, that makes me feel old :)


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