Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Week #10 - 2009 - a really big shopping week

Aldis canned goods
Aldis produce

Aldis assorted canned good, baking supplies, household items.

I did so much shopping this week. One reason is because of the great deals at Walgreens. The other reason is because we went to Aldis in Edmond, about 60 miles away, while we were nearby doing another errand. I think it is the nicest Aldis we have ever been to, everything was well stocked and the produce was especially fresh. They also had a great sale on cheese. Their canned goods are cheaper than I can get in my town even when the stores have sales.
We bought so much, and I don't expect to need cans of anything or baking supplies for quite some time.
So hopefully even though I spent way over my $75 weekly goal, I won't need to shop much in the coming weeks and my weekly average will go back down.

What I bought
3 12 packs toilet paper
3 boxes tissues
8 12 packs sodas
2 Nutrisse hair colors, 8 shampoos/conditioners, 8 stylers
2 Loreal foundations
2 Colgate toothpastes
sorry, I've misplaced my receipt but most of it except for the cold things is in the pictures above.
Walmart and Food Pyramid
20 pounds potatoes
1 peanut butter
whole wheat flour
french bread
balsamic vinegar
corn tortillas
1 gallon OJ
1 gallon milk
6 pounds converted rice
apple butter, plum jam, unsweetened apple sauce
dog chow

Actual Meals
Pork Loin with twice baked potatoes and green beans with onions
Turkey and noodles, broccoli and corn
Baked chicken with rice, green beans, salad
sausage and biscuits for breakfast
sandwiches for lunch
deli chicken, french bread and salad for supper
biscuits, eggs and sausage for breakfast
grilled chicken, salad and spicy potatoes for supper
Cracker Barrel for late breakfast-early lunch
pasta with stewed tomatoes and cheese, french bread for supper
chicken fajitas

See more real shopping and real meals at Gayle's Grocery Cart Challenge She spent way less than I did this week.


  1. I love Aldi's Vanilla Wafers! THey are my favorite. Looks like you got some good deals!

  2. Its so great that you were able to stock up at great prices. Will save money down the line, and time!

  3. Stock up prices are great! It's nice getting the pantry stocked back up again for a while.

  4. Wow Rhonda, that is some serious stockpiling!!

  5. Susan, you are right about the Aldis vanilla wafers, they are very good! We also cashews and tortilla chips and they are great too.
    I guess my only complaint about Aldis is their "junk food" is so good, so cheap and right there as your first go in.

    Debbie - I do hope this stock up will save me time in the future!

    Rachel and Maisie - I don't always shop like this but it is really nice having the pantry stocked.

  6. Hi Rhonda,
    Sounds like my shopping trip last week in. I was out of everything.
    Hvae a happy week end and Happy Anniversary.


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