Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quote about home

I've known Melanie for about 10 years through a yahoo homemaking list. She has this Wadsworth quote on the banner on her blog and I think it is so sweet, and it really fits me too.
Thanks Mel!
Her blog is called Mel at Home and she likes to be at home as much as I do.

So just in case you can't read my handwriting
"Stay at home, my heart, and rest...homekeeping hearts are happiest." (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)


  1. That saying is very true for me too.

    I love the black and white theme!

  2. I like that! Did you just use a sharpie on that plate? I'm curious.

  3. Jenny,
    the plate is from The Write Plate
    My DD worked for them at several shows and was able to purchase several items at a big discount.

    I think any plate would work though and you could use a Vis-a-vis sharpie.

  4. I lOVE that saying, I too LOVE to be HOME!

  5. Thanks, Rhonda, I am flattered that you wrote about me! :-)

  6. I love this quote. It is beautiful.

  7. Hi Rhonda! Now this is a perfect quote to come home to! I just got released from the hospital. Boy was that hard to do. I love being in quiet and not bothered about going out but in that kind of situation, it was so hard. I think had I been able to take along my stitching or quilting, I would have been fine but I just wanted to open the door to my room and leave. At one point, the nurse popped her head in my room and said she had an emergancy and had to go pick up a patient but would have her alarm with her if I needed her. I told her later, I cannot believe that some would not just get up and leave in that situation. She said they have had to go search for patients before. I can understand it. :) I am glad to be back home. I am tired but can lay down in my own home now. I hope to have more energy later and then start some sewing.

    I think this quote tells me that you can still very happy with your decision about not working. It will end up being a gift you gave yourself. I love being a full time homemaker. There is no better job no matter what the ways of the world tell us!

    Hugs ~

  8. Very nice quote. I like to stay home too :>)


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