Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday morning to-do list for the week

We checked out The Manor House dvd set from the library and watched the first disc yesterday. It is a PBS reality-type show based in England in 1905. The home is beautiful but it is such a shock to see how much labor was required by every member of this huge staff just to keep the home running. It certainly makes me appreciate my life, so easy compared to theirs.
and the above picture is one of the scullery maids on The Manor House, not me slaving away in my kitchen!

This list looks long, again, some of it may roll over to later in the month.

it is not nearly as long as the househelpers back in Manor house had though.

rolled over from last week
organize utensil drawer
sewing - apron and bibs

Cricut projects - I have 2 in mind, one for master bedroom and one for living room

decopage some Easter eggs and make an Easter egg wreath for outside beside the front door

John and Nina close on their house this week so I will help with their move as needed

Jimmy's friends are having a wedding reception this weekend - Nina is decorating cupcakes and a small cake for them. I plan on helping with the baking and delivery as needed.

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