Friday, March 27, 2009

Use what you have - pretty pantry - Show and Tell Friday

I am very fortunate to have a large pantry but I never thought it looked very pretty. But I decided this week that I was going to make it pretty. Before, it just held food and supplies, in an organized way but not too attractive. And I know you all have seen some the same pretty pantries on other blogs just like I have seen.
First, I took out all the canned goods. On the bottom pantry shelf, I lined up all the cans according to type. Then for cans that we just have a few of, I lined them up on patchwork placemats.

Snacks and little packets are in a big mixing bowl. When all my children were at home, I used to make big batches of bread and cookies in that bowl. I bought it at a pottery place in Laguna Beach when we lived in California. But now, I mostly make smaller batches and use much smaller bowls,

This is the bread box and I topped it with one of my mom's doilies.

Coffee cans covered with pretty paper, one holds tea bags, one has coffee.

One jar has drink packets, one jar for straws, and the other is that cookie jar from the thrift stores last week. It hold Starburst jelly beans, they are only available at Easter and are Jeff's favorite candy so he bought 4 bags last week.

Baskets hold chips and gelatin boxes.

Everything looks better when it is sorted.

Bottom view of the pantry.
The pink storage box holds assorted jars and lids, I think they will be easy to get to now.
I am very happy with how it turned out, my husband even noticed and said he liked how it looked too, he does not usually notice or comment on things like this.
I still want to make some pretty labels for cans and other containers but have misplaced the webpage I saw last week where I could print some pretty red and white ones, any one know any good places to do this?
Pretty Pantry and I just used placemats, bowls, baskets and jars I already owned.

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  1. Rhonda - PLEASE come and make my pantry pretty like this! Pretty please!!! This is very nice and makes me want to reorganize. THanks for sharing!

  2. A great and pretty pantry!!! I like the way you use bowls, baskets, etc. you have.

  3. What a great pantry - I would LOVE to have one I could actually walk into! Maybe in my next life! I love the way you arranged everything and I think the covered coffee cans are a brilliant idea so I hope you don't mind if I copy you on that! You've motivated me to get busy and give my little pantry a face I don't know whether I should thank you or not! xo, Nan

  4. I always love seeing your pantry. The ideas you've used do make it very pretty. I have a bowl about that size with the same kinds of things in it. But, its in the cabinet. I put seasoning mixes and other small items in it.

    I was just thinking that when I organize an area, I should make it look pretty at the same time. I'm going to work in the bedroom closet soon. I was trying to think of ways to make my side look feminine. Like things with lace, floral, toile, etc. It might make me dread getting ready for work less!

    Good Job Rhonda!

  5. Okay!!! I am in love with your pantry!!!!

    Thanks for sharing...

    Just A Gal...

  6. An organized pantry is a thing of beauty! I cleaned mine last week and even though it gave me a sick day the day after, I was thrilled and still am. I could not wait to show my friend that helps me twice a month with heavy housework. She was impressed. I must say, now when I come visit you, we can put some chairs in front of the pantry door when we get tired of sitting in the breakfast nook. Will we get tired of sitting in the breakfast nook? That is the!

    Hugs ~
    Heidi (who loves all that patchwork in the pantry!)

  7. It all looks so nice! I would love to have a large pantry like that! You're blessed with that.

  8. Congrats on a well done organizational job! It does look pretty.

  9. I love organization too. It always looks better when the labels face forward, and it's so easy to do. Thanks for sharing. Happy Show and Tell Friday. Here’s mine:

  10. Your pantry looks to pretty! The grass is always greener..., they say--I would love to have your walk-in pantry- mine is an open pantry on one wall of my kitchen. (There is a plan for doors, but not in real near future:)

    So I would love a pantry behind a door that your could shut:)

    I bet that you smile each time you walk into your pantry now:)

    Happy S&T!

    Linda C

  11. Ok, although I am jealous...I am very happy for you! That looks amazing!

  12. My goodness...are you organized or what? Wow. I'm embarrassed to say mine hasn't looked as good as yours since we moved into our home. Years ago.

    My show n tell is all about my Easter Lily. Stop by if you get a chance.

  13. Your pantry looks so charming! It makes me wish I had a pantry that size, but I think I can still use my smaller cabinets and make them pretty. Size doesn't have to hold us back. :)

    Thank you for sharing, I love looking at what you did.

  14. Wow - neat as a pin and pretty too. This would be a perfect place to 'hide out' with a good book - tee hee!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  15. Lyn, thanks for the compliment. But I do think any space can be made pretty. You are right about size not holding us back.
    We actually live in a bigger house than we need but selling it right now would not bring a good price.

    Nan, feel free to cover all the cans you please, I did not invent the idea. But I do think they make a great storage container and are "green" too

  16. You have inspired me ...I love the idea's using baskets. The bread box with the little doily is so sweet....have a wonderful weekend...Julie

  17. You did a wonderful job! It looks really great!

  18. WOW! Amazing how little changes can make such a big difference...I bet you even like going in there...


  19. Will you come to Ga and help me with mine? lol I KNOW you will change your mind if I send you some pics lol

  20. You are so blessed to have a big pantry like that! My "pantry" area is on steel shelving in the basement. Doom and gloom, lol. However...I COULD make it prettier down there by using baskets and such to hold items, couldn't I? Think I might add this idea to my list of home projects. :-)

  21. I love the way you used what you had! My pantry is in need of a serious organizing. No better time than after seeing yours!

  22. What a great pantry you have! Little changes always make a big difference I think!


  23. Thank you for posting this, I was looking for pantry motivation and I found it!
    Kyle @


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