Thursday, March 19, 2009

Todays shopping

Jimmy is on his spring break this week and has been home with us. He has been busy with studying and working and I have been busy at home. But we were able to spend most of today together. We both like thrift stores so we went to 5 in my town. Then we had lunch at a new place on Main Street. I had a wrap and fried green beans. My wrap was very tasty but so big, I brought half of it home for my lunch tomorrow.
Jimmy got a nice coat that was half price for $2, a few books and a few decorative plates.

I found some great things.
2 brand new stainless steel baking sheets $4 each
silicone baking pan - each hole is shaped like a flower 50 cents (it is even this one that sells at Target for $24.99)
a bundle of hangars - 50 cents
2 recent magazines - 10 cents

a sweet little bunny - $1
big candy/cookie jar - $3
We stopped at Dollar Tree to get some bread for Jimmy. DT had sold out of bread but I did find this 3 pack of Danskin socks - $1. They had a whole endcap of them, I got the ones with gray trim but they also had pink and blue trimmed ones.
I've opened them since I've been home and they are really nice, I plan on going back to get another package.


  1. Oh I love thrift stores for this very reason. You are almost always guaranteed to find something good and it looks like you guys did!

  2. Michelle
    we had a great time at our thrift stores. Jimmy is great help, he saw the big cookie jar as we were leaving Salvation Army and I would of completely missed it if not for him.

  3. That is a great deal on the silicone baking pan...what a bargain! I want to go thrift shopping so bad, but just haven't had time. I guess I need to make time. You never know what you will find.

  4. I love yard sales and thrift stores. They are the best. You got some real deals.

  5. Rhonda, I checked out our local DT and they didn't have the bread. Its a smaller store, so it doesn't carry as many things as the bigger ones. And you never know what you'll find when you go. I am developing an eye for what to buy at DT, DG, and thrift stores.

    You got some really good deals!

  6. You always find the most interesting things at thrift stores! I love the big cookie jar!

  7. Rhonda,
    Thanks for the comment on my blog and yes, we have an antenna by our tv. That is actually the tv from our RV, which we can't leave out in the trailer because of the temperature changes. So, it's home is, for the moment, in the bedroom. We hardly ever watch it, though, but do enjoy the free tv!

  8. Oh I love Thrift Stores, such treasures can be found. Great you had a splendid time. Always great to check in here. Paula

  9. Paula - you leave very nice comments!

    Thrift stores can be really hit or miss though. I don't get out to them very often anymore so I am especially thankful when I do go and find goodies.

    The new cookie sheets work great too!
    The extra clothes hangars are just enough to make hanging up laundry easy without having to search for more of them too.

  10. Wow, that sounds like a perfect day to me. Fried green beans??

    Love that cookie jar, perfect for everything.

    Have a great day!

  11. Tori - fried green beans are most yummy.
    they are just fresh green beans, left whole, then battered lightly kind of like onion rings, and deep fried.


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