Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Sandwiches

We like sandwiches and eat them almost every Saturday for lunch. This is our current favorite.
I take 6 slices of light wheat bread and spread them with dijon mustard. Then I put cheese on 3 slices of bread and ham on the other 3. Then I toast them until the cheese melts and the ham warms up. All 6 slices fit in our toaster oven at one time and it works just right for us as Jeff eats 2 sandwiches and I eat 1.
Then I add some thinly sliced tomato and red onion and whatever kind of lettuce we have and just a little black pepper.
Put the 2 sides together and cut each sandwich in half, I like diagonally.

Better than Quiznos!


  1. That looks so good Rhonda!

    I gave you an award!

    Debbie J.

  2. We would love this too! This is how I make a lot of our sandwiches. I love my toaster oven. We have sandwiches on Sunday evening.

  3. Hi there, I am German and just moved to the USA to be with my American partner. Obviously I have to learn a lot in a new country and different culture. However particularly grocery shopping I found difficult and still used to convert from Euro I found all very cheap til I looked at income and grocery costs. I am glad I have found your side, helping me with my integration and becoming a better home maker. THANKS YOU, Paula

  4. Just found your blog from the Grocery Cart Challenge.

    I really like what I see on here and this sandwich looks absolutely delicious!!

  5. Paula - welcome to the US! I've lived here all my life and I still find grocery shopping difficult, our stores have so many items, so many choices!

    best wishes to you!

  6. Hi Rhonda, thanks for your nice welcome wish. I started doing no knead bread myself - adding sunflower seeds or roasted onions or even make pizza rolls - filling the dough with all I would put on a pizza, just in smaller amounts - reduces costs dramatically and is really YAMMY, as well as doing German Quark myself, was a bit yack first time, but turns out nicely too. BY now I make vinegars and oils myself too - as housewife in training I am more happy then I ever thought I would be. Greetings from Florida. Paula


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