Monday, March 23, 2009

Week #12- 2009

What I bought

10 rolls Jimmy Dean Sausage
6 Grands biscuits
2 iceberg lettuce
2 gallons OJ and 1 gallon milk
3 loaves of bread and 3 bags of snack popcorn and chips at Dollar Tree
ice cream and topping at Walmart

Actual Meals

goulash with bread and butter -goulash is a real budget dish. My mom made it frequently and Jeff said his mom did too. I used to be a fraternity house cook and goulash seemed to please just about every boy in the house.
Goulash is just browned hamburger and diced onion with tomato sauce and cooked pasta. I like to add canned diced tomatoes and a little bit of garlic, oregano and black pepper.
cornflake chicken with a big green salad and unfrosted chocolate cupcakes
chicken & noodles and green salad
biscuits and sausage for breakfast
sandwiches and apple slices for lunch
French bread pizza for supper
doughnuts made like this for breakfast
sandwiches for lunch
grilled steak, baked potatoes and corn fritters for supper
( I rarely fry anything but after I fried the doughnuts, I left that pan with the oil still in it, then I used the same pan and oil for the corn fritters. And I won't be frying again for quite some time. But both the fritters and doughnuts were delicious!)
stuffed bell peppers and sauteed cabbage
smoked chicken from the freezer

for more real shopping and menus, visit Gayle at Grocery Cart Challenge


  1. Hey! It all sounds good to me!

  2. I am loving the donuts made from biscuits! We used to do this with our children, years ago, and they just got the biggest kick out of it! Love all your bargains and your menu (very organized). Amazing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love goulash. Here in New England we make a similar version with spaghetti - it's called American Chop Suey.

    Your menu sounds great!

  4. I've made those donuts before and they're good (I was wondering why so many cans of Grands LOL)!


  5. Lots of breakfast goodies, and great menu plan.

  6. Manuela, I did not make all 6 Grands into donuts, that would be a lot of donuts! just one can made more than enough for our breakfast.

    I got a good deal on them, on sale with a double coupon.
    Most will get made into breakfast sandwiches that I make in bulk and freeze.

  7. Lyn, I have heard that this dish is called American chop suey up north.
    I like that name better, I don't goulash is a very pretty name, but the dish is tasty!

  8. I haven't made donunts in forever! Biscuits are on sale in my area. I should make some again! Thanks for the long lost idea. :)


  9. Hi Melinda,
    you leave the nicest comments.

    The biscuit donuts are very tasty, not healthy though, but what donut is?

    hope you enjoy yours.


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