Friday, January 11, 2008

advice to you all from my brother

Words of Wisdom from my brother, Dr. Bert,
""I’m not surprised that your Hobby Lobby didn’t have much left. They let the people on their email list know when they marked the Christmas stuff down 80 percent a day before it was in the paper. Mom told me about it, and I went to our Hobby Lobby the Saturday afternoon before it was in the Sunday paper. People were just going crazy. All the carts were out, and all the baskets were out. I picked up some things in my arms for a while before I finally managed to get a cart, and I got a ton of stuff for just $13. When I was checking out, the clerk said they had had at least 40 different items broken from people fighting over them. He said he saw two ladies both grab for some kind of Santa that was the last one, and both refused to let go. Finally, it broke from them squeezing too tight and all the pieces just fell to the floor. Tell the people on your blog one way to save money is not to waste it on Christmas decorations you had to pay for because you broke them while fighting over them at Hobby Lobby.""


  1. How terrible! Unbelieveable!! What is the joy in any of this? Hey, people - if you want really good deals - head to Goodwill (where they provide health benefits for their employees - Walmart does it can NOT to) and to other local thrift shops (where the proceeds usually go to worthwhile causes). You'll spend way less on all this junk anyway!

  2. Esther, you are right about thrift stores having wonderful holiday items. My town has 6 very nice thrift stores to choose from too.

  3. Wow. I am glad to get a bargain on Christmas wrap and cards but I'm sure not going to fight anybody over it.
    That's just sad.

  4. Oh, for Pete's sake. NOTHING is worth that! What a bunch of nonsense. Reminds me of the Cabbage Patch Kids craze of about 25 years ago. And how many of those dolls do I see at garage sales now?


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