Sunday, January 27, 2008

year of savings day 28 - work day lunches

My husband takes his lunch and a morning snack to work 5 days a week. He likes to have a glass of juice and we re-use Tupperware tumblers with lids. A 64 ounce bottle of juice fills up 5 cups, just enough for a week full.
To save on time, I usually prepare several servings of fruit at once. This week, I peeled oranges and cut up some grapefruit. The oranges and grapefruits were stockpiled when Food Pyramid ran them on sale this month for 25 cents each.
Jeff also takes a bottle of water and his main course is usually a helping of our previous nights dinner. He has a microwave at this job site.
I usually work 4 or less hours each day so I don't need such a full lunch box. I just take a bottle of water or soda, a helping of fruit or a granola bar with me.
Our away from home meals cost very little and are much healthier than what we would get at the fast food stores all around our work places.
I started making my dad's lunch way back when I was very young, maybe 12 or so. He did not care what I put in it, he just liked for me to do it. My children took their lunches to school when we lived in California. I have been making lunches so long, it is just a part of our routine.


  1. What a nice touch to actually peel the oranges. I may have to do that for DH he would love that. Love the site.

  2. Thanks for the compliment.
    The peeled oranges are much easier to eat, I take peeled oranges with me to work and I can just take them out of the bag as I eat them.
    And my hands are only really messy from orange peeling once a week.

  3. Good tips. I make lunch for my son who works 12 hour shifts, some at night, some in the day time. I'm either making it at 6 in the morning or 6 at night. I need to be better prepared. Today he got pizza! It definitely saves him money and he appreciates my doing it.


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