Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Pay-it-forward, would you like to join in?

A very big thanks to Breanna! Reading Breanna's blog http://gracefuldesigns.typepad.com/my_weblog/ is so much fun. She has 3 children, just went through training to be a foster parent, is learning to sew and craft, is an expert at bargain shopping, cares deeply about the environment and she even raises chickens.

She started a pay it forward challenge on her blog in the fall. She had received a nice hand made bag from another pay-it-forward and then she posted her own.

Pay-it-forward in blog world is where a blogger offers to send something she has made to 3 readers that promise they will offer a pay-it-forward on their blog in the future. The first blogger has 1 year to send the handmade items.

I thought it sounded like lots of fun and I was lucky enough to get a pay-it-forward from Breanna. It was beautifully gift wrapped but I was so excited when it came that I ripped it open before I thought about taking a picture.

She sent 3 charms that she soldered herself. They are so sweet! She just posted a tutorial on her blog if you want to learn how. She also sent a very cute tissue holder for my purse and a Lindt chocolate bar. Would you believe it is my first ever Lindt chocolate too?

So now it is my turn to pay it forward. I will send something I make to the first three people that also promise to do the same thing after they get my package.

Just leave a comment to sign up.


  1. Rhonda - I'd love to do a PIF and I promise to do the same after I get your package. :o)

    Tammy in NE

  2. Rhonda - I'd love to do a PIF and I promise to do the same after I get your package! :) This sounds just like Tammy's post! :)

    Susan in SC

  3. Only 2 people want to PIF? I'll do it then!! Is that legal? ;)


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