Sunday, January 27, 2008

year of savings day 25 - use those coupons

I did some shopping at Walmart on Jan. 25 and used up all of my Electrasol $2.25 coupons
and some other coupons for LiveActive cheese, Colgate Total, Keebler. Without coupons, I never would of bought that many boxes of Electrasol at one time but because of that high value coupon, I think I have about a year supply.
My cashier was very careful with my coupons and made sure none of them stuck together. When she totaled it, the register required a CSM to approve the sale because of so many coupons. I asked if it was because the total number of the coupons (28) or the dollar total of the coupons.($50.33) They both just shrugged and said they did not know.
I am very happy that my neighborhood Wal-mart takes coupons without any hassle.


  1. Where did you get all of the Eltrasol coupons? Did you buy that many papers? Good deals!

  2. I love it when you get all these deals! I'll be over soon to scavenge your deals. :)

  3. About the Electrason coupons, I got a few extra papers and I bought 20 of them on Ebay for about $8 or so dollars.
    I buy coupons on Ebay a few times a year when a high value coupon I really need is available, they always seem to ship very quickly and cost less than buying all those papers.


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