Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A year of savings

My good friend "Penny" writes a blog all about living well and not spending a lot of money doing it. Her challenge is for us to write down what we do each day to save money.

Jan 1. Bought a 6-pack of energy efficient light bulbs at Lowes and used a $10 coupon to buy them so they were just about a free. We have replaced most all our light bulbs with the energy efficient ones and I think it has lowered our electric bill about $20 a month.

Jan 2. I cooked 3 meals at home yesterday because it was a holiday and I was home all day. Jeff and I are empty-nesters but I rarely just cook 2 servings of anything. Whatever I am cooking, I try to cook enough for at least one or two servings extra. So today we both had leftover chili for our work lunches and will have leftover black eyed peas with brown rice for supper. Taking our lunches and snacks to work saves at least $10-15 each day.


  1. I too am an empty nester and am trying to adjust my portions. Up until a few months ago, I had 2 adult children and one step grand son living with me. I still have trouble just cooking for ONLY two people.

  2. This a good idea to post savings. I would like to open a separate savings or checking account to put all earnings in, such as books sold on amazon or things sold on EBAY, etc. Then the expense of shipping, etc could come out of that and at the end of the year we could see where we stand and it could be used for Christmas or some other need. I might post about that. Some banks have free checking accounts. If I had a debit card I could use that at the post office or at walmart when buying fabric to make stuff to resell.... hmmmm we'll see.


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