Monday, January 14, 2008

A year of savings Day 14

On a recent Martha Stewart episode, Martha and one of her helpers made notebooks from paper in their recycling boxes. At my office, we have lots of misprinted paper so I tried this craft.
I think mine are a little simpler than Martha's. I took the used paper and folded each sheet in half with the printing on the inside. I used 13 sheets and stapled them together. Then I covered each a sheet of card stock and used glue stick to adhere the covers. My covers were just a bit short so I added a strip of scrapbook paper on the front edge and then a little more paper for
I think this would be a great craft for children or teens. They would like making the books and then they could have fun filling them up.
This is how Martha did hers.


  1. Must have been something frugal and papery in the air this past week. After seeing the cute day planner on Homespun Living's website I was so envious. I also needed a new day planner anyway. I will post about it tomorrow. With photos and how I did it. Your notebooks are so cute! I love them!

  2. Rhonda, these notebooks are so cute. Thanks for sharing the idea on your blog. I think yours look great!

  3. Rhonda, all of the posts you have been doing about saving money have been so good. I can tell you are putting a lot of thought into them and I have enjoyed them alot!

    Thanks for all the effort.


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