Tuesday, January 29, 2008

year of savings day 29 - wash your dog at home

Theo got a bath at home today. He is a pretty good sport about it. He sits by the tub and waits for the tub to fill up and he usually sits pretty still for the washing and rinsing. But his favorite part is after the bath when he goes to backyard and runs himself almost dry.

To save on the bathroom cleanup after a dog's bath, first move your rugs out the way and spread the floor with old towels, beach towels work great for this. I also dilute the shampoo and conditioner with a little water, then it seems to rinse out easier.


  1. LOL MY dog used to love her bath and then she didn't go out and run herself dry........she would go to the nearest cow pie and roll in it. No kidding, I don't know how baths I had to give her in one day. I was so angry.. But I loved her anyway.

  2. Awwwwwww. My dogs would never stand for this. Love, Esther

  3. We bathed our doggies at home too. They are two small pugs so it's not too bad. However with the weather lately there's no way they can run out and dry themselves so I pull out the hair dryer. They are basically the only one who use that.

  4. Louise, thankfully there are NO cowpies in my surburban backyard.

    I would prefer to blowdry Theo, but he is afraid off hairdryers, vacuums, air compressors, anything that makes a loud noise.

  5. My dog is so old his bones creak when I give him a bath. He HATES it. Before he lost his hearing, he would hear the tub running and go hide!


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