Monday, January 21, 2008

A year of savings Day 21 - finish projects

I have a lot of craft supplies. Some are from thrift stores, some are from my mother, alot of my "cool" stuff is from Nina and her friends, and some are things I bought. But I think I have too much stuff so my goal this year is to do projects with supplies I have on hand whenever possible, and only buy necessities like thread or glue needed to complete them.
So far this year, I made thank you cards for Christmas gifts, sympathy cards, recycled paper notebooks and 3 aprons, all from materials on hand. (and these projects did not even make a dent in my supplies)
Yesterday I finished up this plastic canvas project, an Easter bunny in a Leprechaun hat. I also restrung a bracelet, it was on a stretchy thread that lost its stretch.
I am still sewing on that strip quilt I started in the fall, I plan on just sewing until I run out the strips I cut and will that determine how big it will be.

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  1. Your bunny is so cute. I love coming to look in your craft cabinet/room. :)


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