Thursday, January 31, 2008

a year of savings Day 31 - coupons

This is the last day of January and lots of my coupons expired today. So if you use coupons, better go through your coupons today, take out the ones that expire today and either use them today or discard them. Cashiers are not usually amused when given expired coupons.
I keep my coupons in a zippered notebook, organized by category in baseball card pages. It does take longer to sort them this way, but it saves so much time in the store matching up products to coupons. And I would much rather spend that extra time in the comfort of my home than in a store.
I keep the current sales flyers in the front flap pocket. I also keep my grocery list fastened to the inside front and cross things off and make notes as I shop.
This notebook is pretty big and I rarely take both my big notebook and big purse into a store. When I coupon shop, I lock my purse in my car trunk and just take my notebook in the store. I keep my cell phone, ID and spending card in my pocket.
My spending goal for 2008 is to spend $100 or less weekly on all household items and groceries.
In January, I spent $432.57 (just a bit over my goal) and used coupons worth $226.09.


  1. Great job on the coupons - thanks for motivating us! Love, Esther

  2. Frugal Husband should have checked his coupons better and he could have used some of those that expired 1/31/08!!!

    That was so sweet of you to buy something from SuperMommiesUnite's Etsy Shop! I'm glad it was a help to you too!

    Your daily savings tips are really good!

  3. My notebook looks very similar. I need to pull my January coupons. Susan in SC


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