Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Before and after

Jeff and I went to several rummage sales Saturday morning. One of my finds was this set of 3 glass candle pedestals for just 75 cents. I recently saw a similar set, but with a nice finish, at Hobby Lobby for $20. This rummage sale set was clear glass with a gold splatter design on the inside, not very pretty at all.
Since I had nothing to lose, I looked through my spray paint box and found a can of almond paint. After a few coats of paint, I am really happy with the results.
I even had the brand new candles, bought a few months as a gift set, on clearance at Wal-mart for $2. The brown ribbon was tied around the box of candles.
The candles are Cedar - Oakmoss, a very different scent than I usually buy. It smells kind of like my son's aftershave and that is a good thing.
My mom, the Crochet Queen, made the doily.


  1. LOVE them... have you seen what some clever fellow bloggers have done for fall with pedstal candle sticks?? Put pumpkins on them, I have even seen white pumpkins with the letters B-O-O {one letter on each pumpkin}!

  2. For $2.75! That's gorgeous. The wonders you can do with spray paint. It would never even occur to me to spray paint glass. Good job.

  3. thank you both for your compliments.

    Spray paint works fine on glass, as long as it is just decorative and not something you will be washing or eating off of.

    Yes, I have seen some cute candles on other blogs.....that is what me want my own :)

  4. I told you they would turn out great! YAY!

  5. Wow! I have tons of those mercury glass candleholders. They look great painted (I never thought of painting them). Good idea!


  6. Rhonda--They look so pretty. That is one of my fav decorating colors. I also like your candles and can appreciate the scent of a son with his aftershave : )


  7. Great job, they look fantastic! I love candles and the brown ribbon, they look so autumny!

  8. These are beautiful.... simply beautiful.


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