Sunday, September 28, 2008

Table for in the hall

I bought this little table at a garage sale last summer. I painted it white but never really liked it white. I found a can of apple green "oops" paint at Lowes for $2 so I thought I would try it green.
I think that little table was just meant to be green! It is now in the hall by the guest bathroom. The little pig lamp is also a garage sale find, it was 10 cents. I think it will be a great night light when we have guests.


  1. It looks great green. $2!!!! What a transformation for $2.

  2. As usual, I absolutely love it! You did a great job and I love the pig. And yes, you did stuff and so stuff got done!

  3. You have such an eye for making things pretty without making them look cluttered. I'm just wondering where you store or what you do with the knick knacks you aren't displaying? Do you get rid of them or store them away?

  4. Thanks so much to you all for your compliments.

    But Jenny, I don't really think I have "the eye" for decorating, I get most of my ideas from all the great blogs out there.

    My other motto is "I don't do clutter" I swap things out and I get rid of things when I get tired of them, either donating them to a thrift store and my kids are usually eager to take stuff I am tired of too.
    I rarely buy anything expensive so it is not so painful or wasteful to get rid of things.

    But I also live in a good size house - 4 bedrooms with big closets and a stand-up attic - so I keep seasonal stuff and stuff I plan to use in the future stashed away.

  5. I love the table. We have a table that is currently black. It blends into everything. I'd love to paint it and will one of these days.

  6. Your mom is somewhat surprised to see a green table (apple green at that) in your home; however, you know I love it!!!

  7. LOVE THIS! What a cutie pie color! And the addition of the black accessories is just right. Have you noticed how many of us are using black to decorate with lately? I just showed my black urns again and I love them. Someone suggested I paint them white...shock and horror...LOL!

    Hugs ~

  8. Green is the perfect color---It looks great!



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