Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bragging about my daughter

I have not done much today worth blogging about so I thought would show off what my daughter, Nina, has been up too. She took a session of cake decorating classes last fall and learned the basics. Now she is branching out and doing much cooler stuff than just frosting roses.

She made this cake yesterday for the 20th birthday of the student worker at her office.


Nina and Hannah,
Hannah in one of Nina's sisters-in-law and she had a pool party for her 10th birthday.

Nina makes bon-bons out of the cake scraps.
Close up of the USMC she made a few weeks ago for her daddy.

Nina is the best daughter and she is just as sweet and pretty as her cakes, too!


  1. She is VERY talented! So nice to be smart and pretty!

  2. Pretty sure I just starting salivating! Those are gorgeous-what talent she has!

  3. WOW what talent! I hope your week has been better... mine is finally perking up today - yay!

  4. Rhonda--Nina is so creative and talented! Wow! How special to receive a cake made by Nina.

    Andrea (your CHL friend)

  5. Wow, Rhonda, these cakes are wonderful. Nina is so creative, my daughter Jennifer took a cake making class and shhhh but she never made a cake as lovely as these. xoxo

  6. Rhonda--How cute would Nina's zebra cake be on your new animal print plates!



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