Monday, September 15, 2008

Womens night at church

When I planned the weekly menus, I forgot about the womens dinner at church. So I postponed the ham and potato dish I first planned. Jeff had some chili from the freezer and Nina and I went to women's night.

I knew the decorations would be beautiful because they always are! The meal was baked potatoes with all the toppings and field greens salad in a buffet line. Dessert was fresh fruit and Texas Sheet Cake.
We sat at round tables covered with brown tablecloths. Each table had the same decorations, either orange, green or purple.
The centerpieces were large flower pots with brown polka dots and glitter around the top rim. The topiary part was just a brown cone. The pots were filled with matching tulle.

oops, this one is upside down!
The shoes were our name tags.
Party favors were tiny pots filled with mints. Each pot has 2 layers of tulle, one of brown tulle and one of the same color as the pot.


  1. WOW! Adorable! Loving the polka dots!

  2. How cute are those party favors and name tags. I bet it was a fun evening.

  3. Em, the polka dots really did add that decorator look to the centerpieces. I am thinking about making to have at home.

    Judy, it was a fun evening!

  4. Such cute decorations. Someone went to a lot of work. I love the shoe name tag.

  5. These are such cute decorations. The orange one really looks a bit Halloween even.

    I hope you and Nina had a good time. How fun that your church does this.

    Hugs ~

  6. That party favors are adorable and I love the name tags!



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