Monday, September 29, 2008

Meals for this week

]For lunch on Sunday, I cooked a large beef roast with corn, green peas, gravy and homemade bread. That is a lot of meat on that platter for just 2 people, isn't it?
We will have hot roast beef sandwiches tomorrow night for supper. I put 3 containers of roast in the freezer and will use it for vegetable beef soup. If the weather cools off at the end of the week, I hope to make soup Thursday or Friday.
I cooked 7 pounds of ground turkey today and seasoned it for taco filling. We had taco salads for supper and put the rest of that turkey taco in 5 containers in the freezer for future meals. I am sure Jimmy will want to take some to his apartment too.

Some weeks I really stick with my menu plans and some weeks I just don't. So this week, that is as much menu planning as I am going to do.
I still plan on cooking and eating at home but will just wing it!


  1. I could make it three for dinner if I may??? :) That looks so good.

    Hugs ~

  2. It looks so yummy--I really like the dish you have your veggies in.



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