Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do you like my new background?

I like it and I had a hard time choosing it. It was free and she has lots and lots to choose from.
For a not very savvy computer user, I even figured out how to install it.

So check her out if you want a new and free blog background.

Izzie Grace Blog Backgrounds

This is what it says on her page

""Welcome! I love creating blog backgrounds and I thought I'd share them with others. This is a fun way to be creative with your blog and show your personality with a custom page. Check back frequently, as I am always coming up with new designs. Feel free to make a request by leaving me a comment. All of my backgrounds are FREE! Thanks! *Izzie Grace*""


  1. Its very pretty and you can't beat the price! That's amazing that everything is free. I have been using to find seasonal pictures, etc., but I might just check out Izzie Grace Blogs next time.

  2. Very pretty, I'll have to tell my kids about her.

  3. Hi Rhonda, I really like your new background,I use Izzie grace too.
    Isn't it wonderful to find people who so willing share their talents. Enjoy.

  4. Thank you for the information. I never new how to change my background and best yet it is free!

  5. What a fun one for Valentine's Day. Did anything change as far as problems posting when you got the free background?

    hugs ~

  6. I am glad you all like Izzie Grace too.

    Heidi, posting seems just the same to me, and all my side boxes are still like I prefer them to be.

    She has so many cute designs, I may be changing my background very often. or at least seasonally for sure.


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