Monday, January 26, 2009

Walgreens 1/23/2009

Walgreens deals are complicated but since Walgreens is the only chain drugstore in my town, I have been shopping there and playing their game.
Walgreens deals involve Register Rewards, 7 day coupons, Easy Saver coupons and rebates and manufacturer coupons. I read about the future deals on Money Saving Mom, and Money Common Sense.
My routine is to go over the specials, then plan my shopping. We usually stop at Walgreens on our way to church every Sunday morning. Walgreens is not always stocked enough for the sale items to stay on the shelf all week so that is why I like to shop their on the first day of the sale.

If you not familiar with how these deals work, the above 3 links can explain it better than I did.

My purchases yesterday would of totaled $34 but after I used Register Rewards from last week, a 7 day couponon the Puffs and some manufacturer coupons on Puffs and Colgate, I paid $5.51 cash and got back $4 in Register Rewards to use next week.

Ponds is on sale this week, 2 for $4.99 - you have to buy them in pairs because they are buy 1 get 1 free. Ponds is my very favorite facial moisturizer and I have been using it for years. Jeff and Jimmy both like it too. So if you are looking for a new moisturizer, this might be a good week to try some. No coupons or gimmicks needed on this one, you can just buy 2 and get the sale price.


  1. Hi Rhonda, I try to "do" Walgreens and CVS. I thought about doing Rite Aid too, but can't handle any more! My Walgrens and CVS are on the same corner, right across the street from each other! Neither of them stock their shelves well enough for me either. I have to wait until during the work week at lunch since they are located in the town I work in and I live about 20 miles away. I don't want to waste gas driving in on Sunday. I just buy what's left and try not to get too irritated.

    I probably should try the Ponds. I need all the moisture I can get! My goal for Walgreens is to always buy the "freebate" stuff, have it put on a gift card and then buy the next month's freebies with that same card. I like being able to submit it on line now.

  2. Wow,you did great!

    I haven't even had a chance to look at the deals yet this week.

    I love to see what people get at Walgreens. :)

  3. That is amazing! I wonder if our Walgreens does that? I bet they do, I just dont pay attention!


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