Thursday, January 8, 2009

saved fruit

I need to buy produce soon and while I was looking in the fridge for fresh veggies for last night's supper, I found 4 grapefruit and 5 clementines. They did not look so pretty on the outside anymore, kind of bruised and wrinkled, and I wondered if they were still good.
So I got out a knife and cutting board and ten minutes later, I had a nice bowl of peeled and diced grapefruit and a bowl of peeled clementines. They taste great and look so much more appealing to eat when they are ready-to-eat than how they looked starting to shrivel in the crisper drawer.

I still need to go shopping soon, but now we have fresh fruit to eat today when I thought we didn't.


  1. Those look lovely! Glad you managed to save it. I need to go stock up on some fresh fruit as well.

  2. ::::raising hand:::: I need to make a trip to the Farmer's market too. Your bowls of fruit look so pretty and YUMMY!


  3. I love your resourcefulness !


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