Monday, January 12, 2009

House for the newlyweds!

Nina and John got married in July 2007 and have been living in an older rent house ever since. They are now both in stable jobs and with house prices and interest rates low, they started house hunting to purchase a home a few weeks ago. They found this one at a real bargain price and after showing it to Jeff and I and both sets of John's parents, they put in an offer.
It was accepted and they will close on it during the first month of March.

It has a nice, big kitchen that looks over the family room. Nina and John both like to cook so I think they will have a great time in this big, pretty kitchen.

Congratulations John and Nina!


  1. How exciting for them!! And you as well!! Just think of all the meals you will get served in that house over the years..I love that sink in the kitchen.. and the island is awesome too...

  2. That's a great house and I know they are so happy!

  3. How wonderful! Congratulations to the young couple!!


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