Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Week #2 - 2009

Actual meals
Jan 7
Mac and cheese with ham cubes
cabbage, carrots and spinach
Jan. 8
Pork Loin
carrots and corn
Jan. 9
sweet potato oven fries, carrots
Jan. 10
biscuits, sausage, eggs and OJ for breakfast
Olive Garden for lunch
ham and cheese sandwiches for supper
Jan. 11
bacon, eggs, toast and OJ for breakfast
Healthy Joes and big green salad
Jan. 12
Chicken tacos
corn and big green salad
Jan. 13
leftovers and big green salad

What I bought
field greens salad mix
fresh spinach
italian salad mix
cherry and slicing tomatoes
red and yellow onions
ice berg lettuce
9 bags frozen vegetables
4 12 ounce packs lean bacon
1 pound cheese slices
2.5 pounds low fat cheddar
24 string cheese
1 pound butter
3 cans grands biscuits
3 boxes cereal bars
gallon skim milk
2 gallons orange juice
2 ounces vanilla
mini chocolate chips
garlic powder
1 bag tortilla chips
2 boxes saltine crackers
Bread - 1 loaf wheat and 1 bag wheat buns

1 jug bleach
3 boxes freezer bags
2 boxes laundry soap
1 bag coffee filters
2 large shopping bags at Aldis

see more real shopping and menu plans at Grocery Cart Challenge

About my meals, we like to have a big salad almost every evening so that is why I have so many fresh vegetables. My goal is an average of $75 week, so some weeks will be higher and some lower. I buy fresh stuff weekly but other things, I buy on sale and with coupons and usually have a small stockpile of things we use regularly.

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