Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Making the morning a little easier

Just about every evening, I set up coffee in one pot for Jeff and tea in the other pot for me. I put in the water and the coffee and filter/tea bags in each one.
Then whenever I wake up, I just push the button for my tea to start and I start Jeff's coffee just before he wakes up.
I'm a morning person so I could do this then but it just takes a minute to set them up, usually when I clean up the supper dishes, and it is very nice to push those buttons each morning for our beverages.

Yes, both pots have timers and I could set them and not even touch the buttons in the morning, but I prefer to just turn them on when I want to. And looking close, it looks like I need to clean a little around both pots. Coffee and tea both leave stains on everything but the stains come up easily with a little spray cleaner.


  1. I'm the morning person too in our marriage. The best gitft we bought for ourselves was a coffee pot with a timer. I set it up at night to start brewing 5 minutes before I get up. I love waking up to the smell of brewed coffee.

  2. I wish I would be organized enough to do this the night is so nice just to push a button and have my coffee ready in the morning! :)

  3. I see two bags of tea in your maker. How much water do you add to it? I need ways to make good tea as I have an abundance.

  4. Jenny - for 2 tea bags, I put water to just about the 10 line - and that will fill a big mug about 3 times. I like to drink a lot of tea to get my day started.

    for 1 tea bag, I fill it halfway between the 4 and 6 line

    I love making tea in a coffee maker. It stays hot while I work my way through the pot.

  5. That is just too cute. I like tea and never thought of making it in the coffee pot--super idea.



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